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Hello my style stars. It has been a very overwhelming, exhausting and unpredictable year to say the least. Although I love to write about fashion, food and great finds, the  pandemic has definitely halted my activities and shoppping. My work dresses have been replaced with athleisure wear and chic masks. Besides, who cares what I wear when I go to the market for almond milk. We have more important things to think about.

Since the holidays are here, there is no better time than now to support black businesses and try some incredible products. I want to highlight some of the incredible black owned businesses that I have supported throughout the year.

Leather Masks

Now, no one thought masks would be apart of our day to day wear. Masks are as important as your wallet and keys. You can not leave home without it. So, why not be safe and fashionable. Designer  Laurence Basse, who I first learned about during season 15 on Project Runway,  is a leather genius. Her leather clothing and accessories are incredibly crafted and just gorgeous. Her masks are beautiful, breathable and stylish. Check out my purple beauty and other masks below. You can find more of her leather designs at laurencebasse.com.


I love taking good care of my skin. Since I’m not wearing makeup every day, it is easy to layer my face in oils and potions. One product that has helped with my stubborn dark spots is Earthern  Escapes dark spot corrector with green tea. This oil is excellent for difficult facial blemishes. Use the product day and night for better results. This Houston based black owned brand only uses natural products. Check out the entire line at Earthernescapes. 

Makeup Must Haves

Ok stars, now that your skin is clear, why not try some great makeup brands. I recently found Mented cosmetics. This branded was started by two friends who were searching for better nude lip options. They wanted to focus high pigMented colors that are paraben free and vegan. My favorite item so far is the Every day eyeshadow palette. Where has this been all my life? These colors are a brown girl’s best friend. The kit includes lush golds and rust that really compliment one’s skin tone. Gorgeous!

Another brand  I  absolutely love is Glamazon beauty cosmetics. The founder,  Kim Baker, is a former model and make-up artist. She wants all women to feel beautiful. Her beauty expertise is clear when you see all the beautiful colors and skin shades. No woman is left out. Kim has got you covered. Second Skin Foundation is my pick for any woman who wants more coverage. It really feels and looks like your skin. Another makeup bag must.

Food Favorites

Of course, I have to mention two of my favorite local food sources. I love sweet potato pie and this brand found in Shoprite supermarkets throughout New Jersey never disappoints. Mr. Tod’s pies are the best sweet potatoe pies you can buy. They are delicious. With hints of vanilla, nutmeg and magic you’d think you were sitting in your grandmother’s kitchen. Honestly, they are better. No shade grandma. Entrepreneur and baker Tod Wilson was the 1st winner of Shark Tank. Even the sharks knew this was something special. And, he ships. He offers other desserts too.  Go to  MRTODS.com 

So, how did a cake save a home? Huh? Well, my next favorite black owned dessert is a true lesson in using one’s talent and having faith things will work out. Angela Logan of  Mortgage Apple Cakes started her business when she needed additional money to pay her mortgage. She knew people loved her cakes. And, with friends urging her, Angela began selling her cakes.  Now, 11 years later, she has a successful business in Teaneck, NJ, which ships nationwide.

The signature cake, Mortgage Apple Cake, is truly delicious. A step above any carrot cake you will ever find. She also makes a great apple rum cake. It’s boozy heaven sent deliciousness! Many other desserts are available too. Go to maccakes.com

Catering Queens

My next black owned business that I truly love are two sisters who can truly throw down in the kitchen.  Charcuterie catering is a business owned by two West coast chefs that happen to be sisters, Shena and Frances.  They do it all. From savory dishes like truffle mac and cheese  to cheese cakes, these ladies have you covered. The cheesecakes are amazingly delicious and there are a variety of flavors.  I love them and you will too. If you’re in the New York/New Jersey area, I suggest you book these incredible caterers quickly. You can find them on Instagram at Charcuterie catering.  

Hope everyone supports these incredible black owned businesses. I will continue to keep my style star sisters aware of others. Here’s to an incredible new year. Let’s keep these businesses thriving.

Your Style star sister,