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Hello Style stars and Happy New Year. I have to admit something. I did’nt always practice the best skincare routine. Short rushed washings and not enough moisture dulled my face.  It is easy to hide my large pores and flaky skin with masks. Thankfully, while working from home, I focused on improving the texture of my skin.  And style stars, these products below will not disappoint. 

     Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay

This mask is truly amazing. It is good for so many skin related problems. Check out my video below. Your skin will change immediately when you apply the Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay.  Only $8.99 for a 16oz jar.

 I wanted to also show you my skin after I wash it off. After washing the clay mask off with my Clean Skin towel,  I like to follow up with this incredible gel like toner called Fat Water from Fenty. No cotton pad is needed. Just use your finger tips to apply this aloe like toner.

Clean Skin Towels are disposable towels that are bacteria and germ free. They are safer and better than using conventional face towels.  You can find these online for different prices.

                Fat Water by Fenty 

After I clean and tone, I apply this moisturizer called Daily Greens by Farmacy. This oil free moisturizer contains moringa, papaya and hyaluronic acid just to name a few. It feels so hydrating and my skin glows. I love it. 

So, Style stars, it’s a new year so invest in your skin and step with confidence. 

Your Style Star sister,