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Hello Style stars and Happy New Year. I have to admit something. I did’nt always practice the best skincare routine. Short rushed washings and not enough moisture dulled my face.  It is easy to hide my large pores and flaky skin with masks. Thankfully, while working from home, I focused on improving the texture of my skin.  And style stars, these products below will not disappoint. 

     Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay

This mask is truly amazing. It is good for so many skin related problems. Check out my video below. Your skin will change immediately when you apply the Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay.  Only $8.99 for a 16oz jar.

 I wanted to also show you my skin after I wash it off. After washing the clay mask off with my Clean Skin towel,  I like to follow up with this incredible gel like toner called Fat Water from Fenty. No cotton pad is needed. Just use your finger tips to apply this aloe like toner.

Clean Skin Towels are disposable towels that are bacteria and germ free. They are safer and better than using conventional face towels.  You can find these online for different prices.

                Fat Water by Fenty 

After I clean and tone, I apply this moisturizer called Daily Greens by Farmacy. This oil free moisturizer contains moringa, papaya and hyaluronic acid just to name a few. It feels so hydrating and my skin glows. I love it. 

So, Style stars, it’s a new year so invest in your skin and step with confidence. 

Your Style Star sister,


     Once you go Black…


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Hello my style stars. It has been a very overwhelming, exhausting and unpredictable year to say the least. Although I love to write about fashion, food and great finds, the  pandemic has definitely halted my activities and shoppping. My work dresses have been replaced with athleisure wear and chic masks. Besides, who cares what I wear when I go to the market for almond milk. We have more important things to think about.

Since the holidays are here, there is no better time than now to support black businesses and try some incredible products. I want to highlight some of the incredible black owned businesses that I have supported throughout the year.

Leather Masks

Now, no one thought masks would be apart of our day to day wear. Masks are as important as your wallet and keys. You can not leave home without it. So, why not be safe and fashionable. Designer  Laurence Basse, who I first learned about during season 15 on Project Runway,  is a leather genius. Her leather clothing and accessories are incredibly crafted and just gorgeous. Her masks are beautiful, breathable and stylish. Check out my purple beauty and other masks below. You can find more of her leather designs at


I love taking good care of my skin. Since I’m not wearing makeup every day, it is easy to layer my face in oils and potions. One product that has helped with my stubborn dark spots is Earthern  Escapes dark spot corrector with green tea. This oil is excellent for difficult facial blemishes. Use the product day and night for better results. This Houston based black owned brand only uses natural products. Check out the entire line at Earthernescapes. 

Makeup Must Haves

Ok stars, now that your skin is clear, why not try some great makeup brands. I recently found Mented cosmetics. This branded was started by two friends who were searching for better nude lip options. They wanted to focus high pigMented colors that are paraben free and vegan. My favorite item so far is the Every day eyeshadow palette. Where has this been all my life? These colors are a brown girl’s best friend. The kit includes lush golds and rust that really compliment one’s skin tone. Gorgeous!

Another brand  I  absolutely love is Glamazon beauty cosmetics. The founder,  Kim Baker, is a former model and make-up artist. She wants all women to feel beautiful. Her beauty expertise is clear when you see all the beautiful colors and skin shades. No woman is left out. Kim has got you covered. Second Skin Foundation is my pick for any woman who wants more coverage. It really feels and looks like your skin. Another makeup bag must.

Food Favorites

Of course, I have to mention two of my favorite local food sources. I love sweet potato pie and this brand found in Shoprite supermarkets throughout New Jersey never disappoints. Mr. Tod’s pies are the best sweet potatoe pies you can buy. They are delicious. With hints of vanilla, nutmeg and magic you’d think you were sitting in your grandmother’s kitchen. Honestly, they are better. No shade grandma. Entrepreneur and baker Tod Wilson was the 1st winner of Shark Tank. Even the sharks knew this was something special. And, he ships. He offers other desserts too.  Go to 

So, how did a cake save a home? Huh? Well, my next favorite black owned dessert is a true lesson in using one’s talent and having faith things will work out. Angela Logan of  Mortgage Apple Cakes started her business when she needed additional money to pay her mortgage. She knew people loved her cakes. And, with friends urging her, Angela began selling her cakes.  Now, 11 years later, she has a successful business in Teaneck, NJ, which ships nationwide.

The signature cake, Mortgage Apple Cake, is truly delicious. A step above any carrot cake you will ever find. She also makes a great apple rum cake. It’s boozy heaven sent deliciousness! Many other desserts are available too. Go to

Catering Queens

My next black owned business that I truly love are two sisters who can truly throw down in the kitchen.  Charcuterie catering is a business owned by two West coast chefs that happen to be sisters, Shena and Frances.  They do it all. From savory dishes like truffle mac and cheese  to cheese cakes, these ladies have you covered. The cheesecakes are amazingly delicious and there are a variety of flavors.  I love them and you will too. If you’re in the New York/New Jersey area, I suggest you book these incredible caterers quickly. You can find them on Instagram at Charcuterie catering.  

Hope everyone supports these incredible black owned businesses. I will continue to keep my style star sisters aware of others. Here’s to an incredible new year. Let’s keep these businesses thriving.

Your Style star sister,


Climate Change


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Hello, my Style Star Sisters. Yes, I admit I absolutely love the fall season. The plethora of fabulous jackets, wraps, leathers, and suedes are definitely among my favorite pieces to wear on those brisk days. I think outerwear is by far one of the most important pieces to invest in. Think about it! You have several months to play with textures, shapes, colors and lengths. The options are endless. 

Fashion icons …How to dress like your                            style icons

 Recently, we lost one of my favorite actresses, Diahann Carroll.  

Even at a young age while watching Julia, I was mesmerized by her classic, sophisticated style, and her ever-present confidence. Besides my beautiful mother, (pic below)

Brenda, who had endless sophistication and style, and Diana Ross, I always wanted to emulate them and show up as my best self. So, I started thinking what would my beloved style icons wear this season? I have selected a few fabulous lux and affordable pieces that are sure to turn heads even on a chilly day.  

                       Fee-Fi Faux Fur

I absolutely love a swing coat. It is hands down my go-to favorite accessory for fall. Check out this lovely faux wrap.

 I think going with the navy is best. I can see all my ladies rocking this lovely Ellen Tracy wrap coat. This is a great piece for chilly days. I’m sure my mom and Ms. Carroll would approve. It can be found on the Lord & Taylor site for around $180. 

                    Fabulous tweeds

I love the classic Chanel tweed jackets. I want them all! St. John knits are the best to show timeless sophistication. Unless you find these luxury pieces at a really good consignment shop or designer sale, you will pay thousands. Don’t fret my style stars. You can easily find great lookalikes for a fraction of  the cost. Check out my selections below. 

This Zara find is $129 and great for an office party or night out.

 If you want to splurge on some designer finds, I think St. John’s is a smart choice. 

 This St. John metallic tweed jacket is over $400. It’s truly gorgeous.  You can wear this with pants, a skirt, or jeans. Sometimes style stars, a luxury item is a good investment if you can wear it for many seasons and several ways. 

This St. John’s knit jacket I saw this past weekend at Off Saks Fifth Avenue. It is on sale now for $729.99. 

Now,  back to more affordable finds. 

This is one of my favorite finds. A faux chinchilla wrap is perfect. And, check out the price of $79.99. A real bargain. 

The options are plentiful if you want to dress like a diva. Remember, you don’t  have to go broke to look like a million bucks. 

Your Style Star Sister,






        Sophistication Rules                         


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Hi my style  star sisters! I hope you have all enjoyed your summer. Now, throw those flip flops in the back of the closet after you shake off the sand from St. Tropez. It’s time to get back to some serious business. Which, of course, is “What will I wear for fall and spring?” This is the question every fashionista asks themselves everyday. Well, style stars no need to pull out your hair extensions. I have the answer for your next wardrobe and her name is Beverley Olivacce. 

Beverley Olivacce 

I had the pleasure of watching the creative magic of Beverley Olivacce at her champagne flowing show. This lovely London born designer knows exactly what every woman should have in her closet. Her pieces are sophisticated, ultra- feminine and timeless. I will share some of my favorite pieces.  

Casual Elegance

I loved the white casual denim suit styled with a glittery top. This can easily be worned day or night. Check out the belted trench coat and trench dress.  Always a timeless piece every woman should own.  

This cute lbd has side cut outs. It can be worn with sneakers, but a black sandal  will elevate this look. 


Beverley Olivacce is known for her evening wear. And, she did not disappoint with her colorful silk dresses and fur trimmed pieces. 

These dresses are truly timeless and sophisticated. So, style star sisters, checkout Beverley Olivacce’s collection for some of the best luxury dresses around. Go to and get holiday ready ladies! 

Your style star sister, 


Holiday Ready


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Hello Style Star Sisters. Wow, the end of the year has come again. We can now look forward to those holiday parties. But, are you ready? Well, I have found some great holiday  looks that are not only gorgeous, but pocket friendly. And, you will still have money left for those last minute gifts. 

 Fringe/Faux Fur 

This sexy body-conscious dress I found on the Venus site.  This reminds me of the bodycon Herve Leger dresses that sell for more than $600. The fringe at the bottom gives a flirty and fun look. It’s great for a New Year’s eve party. Plus, Style Star Sisters who wouldn’t  want to channel their inner Tina Turner and shimmy their way into the new year. I sure do! For about $69, you can.  Of course, there are different colors available. 

Put a little sexy in your LBD. This off the shoulder mini dress is also found on the Venus site. I liked the faux fur trim above the breast area. A daring look for a basic black dress.  This is just $49. 

Jay Godrey

One of my favorite designers is Jay Godfrey. He just gets how a woman wants to look. His design approach is very feminine, not overly sexy, with a touch of sophistication. 

I selected a few of my favorite looks that can be worned now or any time of the year. 

Now, nothing says holiday more than a velvet dress. As you can see in my above pic, I love a velvet dress. It looks luxurious and the warmth is great for a cold night. 

Ok, this romper is sexy times 10. Jay Godfrey’s tuxedo style top is more formal, but the bottom is a head turner.  The sequins always scream Happy New Year! 

And, for those of us who want a pop of color, the cherry red dress below is a great look any time. You can not go wrong with a one shoulder dress and slit. All of these looks range from $200 and above. But, Style Star Sisters, you can find a lot of Jay Godfrey looks on discounted sites like Shopstyle and Revolve. 


There is a company that I love for festive accessories and shoes. Nina is a known  bridal accessory brand, but trust me Style Star Sisters, their shoes and accessories are wearable for any occasion. I have a few of my favorite pieces that you can get now on the Nina site. 

Talk about haute couture. These booties are great and the details can rival any of the more expensive designers. For $139, you can rock these all season long. 

The slouchy sequin boot is so fashion forward. Honestly, I would wear these boot with jeans and a great faux fur. On sale now on Nina’s site for $83. 

Now, a great purse can make an outfit. I love this animal printed clutch from Nina. This must have clutch is $85. 


The Minaudiere clutch below is made of all crystals. The purse is a great accessory for any dress. It comes in a variety of colors too. This can be purchased for $65.  

As you can see my Style Star Sisters, there are so many great outfits and accessories available for your holiday parties and beyond. So, choose quality pieces that can be worn again and again. From the Style Star Sisters, happy holidays! May 2019 be your stylish year ever. 

Your Style Star Sister, 


        Faux Fabulous Fur


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Ok, Style Star Sisters, it’s officially the season for all your coats, wraps, and boots. Now, I have always been a fan of fur.  I admired how my mom (featured photo) would get herself together for work or nights out with my dad. She wore the best coats and I could not wait to get my hands on them. (Pic of mom below)

Fast forward to 2018 and I must admit some of the faux furs are so beautifully designed that you would think they were the real thing. Bold colors, patterns and low cost are much more attractive than the real coats. Further, no animals are harmed in the process.

I have selected a few fabulous fun faux furs to add to your fall/winter collection.

Bold Patterns

This colorful patterned coat is the Stine Goya Concord. This faux retails for $580. I would pair this bold piece with a pair of black leggings and ankle booties. Just sashay and let the coat speak for you.

I don’t know about you, my Style Star Sisters, but I never get tired of animal print anything. This color block coat from Heurueh combines color and a sharp razor cut design. So, take a walk on the wild side with this bold piece. You can find the coat for $528.00 on line.

Check out the same colors by designer Apparis below. This is the Brigette faux fur. This fun chubby jacket is great for the weekend. Hello brunch date here I come! At $210, you’ll have some coins left for unlimited mimosas.   

Color Me Fabulous  

Color is key this season. And, deep forest green is the stand out color for many designers. I love this coat by Madelyn. The fullness is great for those cold winter days. It captures a more luxurious look. And, it comes in hot pink. Go to where you can get it for $209.99.

Purple has  always been a very regal color. This plush faux bomber by designer Tibi adds a fun sporty edge to any wardrobe. You can find this online for $395.00.

My last favorite style copies the very popular knitted fur jackets. It’s sophisticated, yet understated look can carry you from day to night. For just $189.00, you can find the Rosa faux fur from Heartloom on the Nordstrom website.

Oh, I can go on and on Style Stars. But, find one that fits your style. There’s alot to choose from. Ok, about to place my order. Until next time my Style Star Sisters. But remember before you press, “place my order”, do a little research.

Your Style Star Sister,


     White is the New Black


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Ok my Style Star Sisters, we are officially in the fall season. And, I must admit I love the transition from summer dresses to jackets, wraps, and boots. This season I noticed a trend with the color white. That’s right, white! For years, fashion mags and stylists warned us to stay away from white after Labor day.  Let’s just say, throw that rule out.  Embrace white as if it’s the new black. While you consider this color trend, I found a few pieces on how to mix white into your fall looks.


I really love this dress from AQ/AQ. This is called the Pembroke midi structured dress. I love the sexy details. It really does have a great architectural look. At $162.50, this would be great for dinner or a holiday party.

Now, AQ/AQ has another sexy white dress that I will have to grab before it’s sold out. This dress below is called the Aphaea one sleeve mini dress for $156.00.

I would pair this with a high heel bootie as shown below.

For those who just want to add a little white to your ensemble opt for a cool bootie. I happen to love what the designer Schultz has for the season. This bootie has a great silver metal toe and a cowboy cut  detail. This adds a fresh sophisticated look. Available on line now at Schultz. 

Rosangela bootie


This is another Schultz find called the Hayden. The lower heel is still sexy, but the stitched detail is eye catching. Available for $300 now on line.


Weekend Max Mara coat

This is the splurge item from Max Mara. I love the cream color, sleek collar, and belt.  The classic and sophisticated piece is timeless. This above item is called the Gimmy wool belted coat. At $850, it may be a great investment piece.


Of course as a budget fashion gal, I found a great affordable white coat with a wide collar and belt. This is very stylish. Honestly, I like it more than the Max Mara coat. At $179.50, you don’t have to go broke to look fabulous. Just check Etsy or to Constantine fashion. 


I happen to like Venus’ white coat  with faux leather details. Now, this is such a specific piece that I wouldn’t wear it every day. But, for just $69.99, it goes well with leggings and boots. This is a cute look on a sunny fall day.


I am in love with this jumpsuit. The slight wide legs and belt adds a sophisticated sexy look. You can find this cool classy jumpsuit on the Maykool website for just $25.99.

Another great jumpsuit I found has an attached cape. The details are amazing. One would think you spent alot. But, this is only $35.95 and can be found on the ChicMe site.

So my style stars, I say go for white stand out pieces. Be bold and remember, you don’t have to break the bank to look fabulous!

Your Style Star Sister,


Kate made me giggle.


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Hi StyleStars! Want to have some fun? I went on a search,  looking back on all the times Kate made me smile. I rummaged for as many of her whimsical handbags as I could find on line.

Before I reveal, can I just say I want this Bixby bag. I love the color, the shape, everything.

Kate Spade Bixby Bag .jpeg

Now- look at this fanciful display of designs from her creative mind.

car with luggage.jpeg

Kate always made us think we should go somewhere. This bag packed and ready to hit the road.

If that bug is too small.. let’s jump into a pink Cadillac. The plates say it all “off we go”.

Pink car off we go


Let’s not forget the camera. Life requires we remember the good times.

Camera Bag

So many sights to see and experience. I will tell you all about it.. in a typed written note of course.

Be Mine Typewriter bag

Enjoy even the small moments.  The tweet of a bird sounds so sweet.

Bird Cage

Eat, drink, celebrate.  I will take the large lobster please.



Fruit for dessert to eat and to go!


Everyone looks beautiful-carrying a colorful bag.

Miss Piggy

Which is why we loved Kate Spade.

I love k spade ny.jpeg


I  will miss the fun she put into carrying a purse. I certainly hope those were her best times too.

Kate herself.jpeg


Ciao StyleStars!



Bag Ladies


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Hello my Style star sisters. Yes, Spring has sprung and the April showers have long worn out its welcome. Now, the good weather has come just in time for Memorial weekend. Break out those flowy dresses, sandals, and great accessories. I must admit I’ve always loved great accessories and this season does not disappoint. What I’m most excited about are the hand bags. Yes! What woman does not love a great well-made leather, suede, printed, fur, faux fur, round or square shaped bag? Whew! I can go on and on. But, I’d rather show you some of my favorite hand bag trends for this season. 

                      Handle With Care

Ok, so I’m fell in love with the Gucci Dionysus bag. The bamboo round handle really makes this pricey gem a stand out. So, classic and sophisticated. But, the price? This bag retails at close to $2,000 depending on the material and hardware. 

Of course, as a budget star and fashion investigator  (my new term), I will not and can not buy this bag. But, no worries. I recently bought the most fabulous well-made leather bag that resembles the Dionysus bag. I took a chance by ordering this bag direct from Italy. It arrived less than a week later and I was beyond pleased.

Fabrizio Leather Bag 

This bag is sooo beautifully crafted. The handles are real bamboo. The smell of new leather hits me immediately when I opened the box. It also comes with a letter of authenticity and a very nice storage bag. For just $169 plus shipping you can get this gem at

               Circles and Rings Galore 

I happen to love all the different shaped bags of this season. My absolute favorite is the circular handle bucket bag by Simon Miller. This lovely bag comes in many different colors and handles. The tortoise shell handles are what makes this bag special.  It’s priced at more than $300 and can be found at Barney’s or Nordstrom. 

But, I found this stylish circular handle bag at Nordstrom Rack for just $34.99. Style does not have to break the bank. 

                     I like Transparency 

Ok, I had to think about this for a moment. A bag where anyone can see all my personal stuff. Lipstick, oils, potions and those sometimes embarrassing items we don’t like to talk about. But, on second thought, I find some styles are cute and not too revealing.  All price ranges are available. This Staud Pvc leather tote cost $210. 

This pink bag is from Madison West. For just $34.99, you don’t have to display all your goodies since the bag is not fully transparent. 

I also found the brand Loeil has a great take on clear bag trends. Check out this lovely transparent bag. Sleek and sophisticated. Priced at $142. 

                     Not Your Average Bag

Cult Gaia does it right. This bag is so architecturally chic and interesting that many will double take at first glance. 

Tortoise shell Cult Gaia bag and other styles can be found on line from $200 and up. 

As you can see my style star sisters, the hand bag selections are endless this season. And, remember, with a little research you will find many affordable and timeless styles.

Your style star sister, 


My Face.. What Happened to My Face?


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  My Face.. What happened to my face? Well let licensed Aesthetician Nancy Ismail tell it (Hey let’s just call her magic hands for short), my face has dealt with the daily punishment that all of our beautiful faces have been put through.  Let’s see: grimy pollution, never ending life’s stress, chemically harsh beauty products.  Don’t forget that sneaky deceitful issue of aging -UGH!, and oh yes this horribly long brutally cold winter/spring.


  So when my StyleStarSister Natasha and I were offered the chance to review some of the services at the oh-so-chic and high end Shimmer Med Spa, my cute dirty little make-up clogged face jumped at the chance.


  What was she doing to my face? Well Magic Hands started with the O2 (as in Oxygen) facial. See those foaming creamy bubbles cleaning, clearing, clarifying.

  Nancy aka Magic Hands is actually the Spa Director at Shimmer Med Spa located at 9 East 62nd Street- off of posh 5th Avenue.


  She has been making customer’s skin look like they did as a toddler for 18 years. This foaming facial felt amazing but what it’s doing- even better.  The oxygen bubbles enhances blood circulation, making my skin tone clear.  The O2 facial lightens, hydrates, and provides the always needed anti-aging effect.


  But wait there’s more. She puts this gel on my face, like the gel you get on your tummy during an ultrasound.  Then she takes this  device about the size of a blow dryer called VIORA 20.  It actually adds a radio frequency to tighten and improve my skin elasticity. Again that toddler skin- remember how plump and buoyant, smooth, and kissable it was.




  Up next our review of Shimmer Med Spa’s most intriguing service: The Sculpsure- it’s their fat melting technology – consider it a fat burner!

  We also sat down for an exclusive interview with Dr. George Lefkovits.


  Yes this spa has a renown plastic surgeon on the premise. Dr. Lefkovits will tell us all about stubborn belly fat, and how in most cases he can melt it all away.. just in time for the warm weather.  Finally!


Till next time!  CIAO STYLESTARS!