Faux Fabulous Fur


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Ok, Style Star Sisters, it’s officially the season for all your coats, wraps, and boots. Now, I have always been a fan of fur.  I admired how my mom (featured photo) would get herself together for work or nights out with my dad. She wore the best coats and I could not wait to get my hands on them. (Pic of mom below)

Fast forward to 2018 and I must admit some of the faux furs are so beautifully designed that you would think they were the real thing. Bold colors, patterns and low cost are much more attractive than the real coats. Further, no animals are harmed in the process.

I have selected a few fabulous fun faux furs to add to your fall/winter collection.

Bold Patterns

This colorful patterned coat is the Stine Goya Concord. This faux retails for $580. I would pair this bold piece with a pair of black leggings and ankle booties. Just sashay and let the coat speak for you.

I don’t know about you, my Style Star Sisters, but I never get tired of animal print anything. This color block coat from Heurueh combines color and a sharp razor cut design. So, take a walk on the wild side with this bold piece. You can find the coat for $528.00 on line.

Check out the same colors by designer Apparis below. This is the Brigette faux fur. This fun chubby jacket is great for the weekend. Hello brunch date here I come! At $210, you’ll have some coins left for unlimited mimosas.   

Color Me Fabulous  

Color is key this season. And, deep forest green is the stand out color for many designers. I love this coat by Madelyn. The fullness is great for those cold winter days. It captures a more luxurious look. And, it comes in hot pink. Go to Ashro.com where you can get it for $209.99.

Purple has  always been a very regal color. This plush faux bomber by designer Tibi adds a fun sporty edge to any wardrobe. You can find this online for $395.00.

My last favorite style copies the very popular knitted fur jackets. It’s sophisticated, yet understated look can carry you from day to night. For just $189.00, you can find the Rosa faux fur from Heartloom on the Nordstrom website.

Oh, I can go on and on Style Stars. But, find one that fits your style. There’s alot to choose from. Ok, about to place my order. Until next time my Style Star Sisters. But remember before you press, “place my order”, do a little research.

Your Style Star Sister,



     White is the New Black


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Ok my Style Star Sisters, we are officially in the fall season. And, I must admit I love the transition from summer dresses to jackets, wraps, and boots. This season I noticed a trend with the color white. That’s right, white! For years, fashion mags and stylists warned us to stay away from white after Labor day.  Let’s just say, throw that rule out.  Embrace white as if it’s the new black. While you consider this color trend, I found a few pieces on how to mix white into your fall looks.


I really love this dress from AQ/AQ. This is called the Pembroke midi structured dress. I love the sexy details. It really does have a great architectural look. At $162.50, this would be great for dinner or a holiday party.

Now, AQ/AQ has another sexy white dress that I will have to grab before it’s sold out. This dress below is called the Aphaea one sleeve mini dress for $156.00.

I would pair this with a high heel bootie as shown below.

For those who just want to add a little white to your ensemble opt for a cool bootie. I happen to love what the designer Schultz has for the season. This bootie has a great silver metal toe and a cowboy cut  detail. This adds a fresh sophisticated look. Available on line now at Schultz. 

Rosangela bootie


This is another Schultz find called the Hayden. The lower heel is still sexy, but the stitched detail is eye catching. Available for $300 now on line.


Weekend Max Mara coat

This is the splurge item from Max Mara. I love the cream color, sleek collar, and belt.  The classic and sophisticated piece is timeless. This above item is called the Gimmy wool belted coat. At $850, it may be a great investment piece.


Of course as a budget fashion gal, I found a great affordable white coat with a wide collar and belt. This is very stylish. Honestly, I like it more than the Max Mara coat. At $179.50, you don’t have to go broke to look fabulous. Just check Etsy or to Constantine fashion. 


I happen to like Venus’ white coat  with faux leather details. Now, this is such a specific piece that I wouldn’t wear it every day. But, for just $69.99, it goes well with leggings and boots. This is a cute look on a sunny fall day.


I am in love with this jumpsuit. The slight wide legs and belt adds a sophisticated sexy look. You can find this cool classy jumpsuit on the Maykool website for just $25.99.

Another great jumpsuit I found has an attached cape. The details are amazing. One would think you spent alot. But, this is only $35.95 and can be found on the ChicMe site.

So my style stars, I say go for white stand out pieces. Be bold and remember, you don’t have to break the bank to look fabulous!

Your Style Star Sister,


Kate made me giggle.


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Hi StyleStars! Want to have some fun? I went on a search,  looking back on all the times Kate made me smile. I rummaged for as many of her whimsical handbags as I could find on line.

Before I reveal, can I just say I want this Bixby bag. I love the color, the shape, everything.

Kate Spade Bixby Bag .jpeg

Now- look at this fanciful display of designs from her creative mind.

car with luggage.jpeg

Kate always made us think we should go somewhere. This bag packed and ready to hit the road.

If that bug is too small.. let’s jump into a pink Cadillac. The plates say it all “off we go”.

Pink car off we go


Let’s not forget the camera. Life requires we remember the good times.

Camera Bag

So many sights to see and experience. I will tell you all about it.. in a typed written note of course.

Be Mine Typewriter bag

Enjoy even the small moments.  The tweet of a bird sounds so sweet.

Bird Cage

Eat, drink, celebrate.  I will take the large lobster please.



Fruit for dessert to eat and to go!


Everyone looks beautiful-carrying a colorful bag.

Miss Piggy

Which is why we loved Kate Spade.

I love k spade ny.jpeg


I  will miss the fun she put into carrying a purse. I certainly hope those were her best times too.

Kate herself.jpeg


Ciao StyleStars!



Bag Ladies


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Hello my Style star sisters. Yes, Spring has sprung and the April showers have long worn out its welcome. Now, the good weather has come just in time for Memorial weekend. Break out those flowy dresses, sandals, and great accessories. I must admit I’ve always loved great accessories and this season does not disappoint. What I’m most excited about are the hand bags. Yes! What woman does not love a great well-made leather, suede, printed, fur, faux fur, round or square shaped bag? Whew! I can go on and on. But, I’d rather show you some of my favorite hand bag trends for this season. 

                      Handle With Care

Ok, so I’m fell in love with the Gucci Dionysus bag. The bamboo round handle really makes this pricey gem a stand out. So, classic and sophisticated. But, the price? This bag retails at close to $2,000 depending on the material and hardware. 

Of course, as a budget star and fashion investigator  (my new term), I will not and can not buy this bag. But, no worries. I recently bought the most fabulous well-made leather bag that resembles the Dionysus bag. I took a chance by ordering this bag direct from Italy. It arrived less than a week later and I was beyond pleased.

Fabrizio Leather Bag 

This bag is sooo beautifully crafted. The handles are real bamboo. The smell of new leather hits me immediately when I opened the box. It also comes with a letter of authenticity and a very nice storage bag. For just $169 plus shipping you can get this gem at www.florenceleathermarket.com

               Circles and Rings Galore 

I happen to love all the different shaped bags of this season. My absolute favorite is the circular handle bucket bag by Simon Miller. This lovely bag comes in many different colors and handles. The tortoise shell handles are what makes this bag special.  It’s priced at more than $300 and can be found at Barney’s or Nordstrom. 

But, I found this stylish circular handle bag at Nordstrom Rack for just $34.99. Style does not have to break the bank. 

                     I like Transparency 

Ok, I had to think about this for a moment. A bag where anyone can see all my personal stuff. Lipstick, oils, potions and those sometimes embarrassing items we don’t like to talk about. But, on second thought, I find some styles are cute and not too revealing.  All price ranges are available. This Staud Pvc leather tote cost $210. 

This pink bag is from Madison West. For just $34.99, you don’t have to display all your goodies since the bag is not fully transparent. 

I also found the brand Loeil has a great take on clear bag trends. Check out this lovely transparent bag. Sleek and sophisticated. Priced at $142. 

                     Not Your Average Bag

Cult Gaia does it right. This bag is so architecturally chic and interesting that many will double take at first glance. 

Tortoise shell Cult Gaia bag and other styles can be found on line from $200 and up. 

As you can see my style star sisters, the hand bag selections are endless this season. And, remember, with a little research you will find many affordable and timeless styles.

Your style star sister, 


My Face.. What Happened to My Face?


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  My Face.. What happened to my face? Well let licensed Aesthetician Nancy Ismail tell it (Hey let’s just call her magic hands for short), my face has dealt with the daily punishment that all of our beautiful faces have been put through.  Let’s see: grimy pollution, never ending life’s stress, chemically harsh beauty products.  Don’t forget that sneaky deceitful issue of aging -UGH!, and oh yes this horribly long brutally cold winter/spring.


  So when my StyleStarSister Natasha and I were offered the chance to review some of the services at the oh-so-chic and high end Shimmer Med Spa, my cute dirty little make-up clogged face jumped at the chance.


  What was she doing to my face? Well Magic Hands started with the O2 (as in Oxygen) facial. See those foaming creamy bubbles cleaning, clearing, clarifying.

  Nancy aka Magic Hands is actually the Spa Director at Shimmer Med Spa located at 9 East 62nd Street- off of posh 5th Avenue.


  She has been making customer’s skin look like they did as a toddler for 18 years. This foaming facial felt amazing but what it’s doing- even better.  The oxygen bubbles enhances blood circulation, making my skin tone clear.  The O2 facial lightens, hydrates, and provides the always needed anti-aging effect.


  But wait there’s more. She puts this gel on my face, like the gel you get on your tummy during an ultrasound.  Then she takes this  device about the size of a blow dryer called VIORA 20.  It actually adds a radio frequency to tighten and improve my skin elasticity. Again that toddler skin- remember how plump and buoyant, smooth, and kissable it was.




  Up next our review of Shimmer Med Spa’s most intriguing service: The Sculpsure- it’s their fat melting technology – consider it a fat burner!

  We also sat down for an exclusive interview with Dr. George Lefkovits.


  Yes this spa has a renown plastic surgeon on the premise. Dr. Lefkovits will tell us all about stubborn belly fat, and how in most cases he can melt it all away.. just in time for the warm weather.  Finally!


Till next time!  CIAO STYLESTARS!

Transitioning into Spring and New Hot 2018 Trends


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Hello my Style Star Sisters. We have to catch up. I took a leisurely stroll this past brisk Sunday. I was filled with the excitement of Spring being soo close. I could vision all the yummy vibrate colors, bags, shoes and accessories I saw gilding down the runways during NYFW. But then, something happened. A Spring snowstorm hit and all my dreams soon faded. But, we all know the good weather is right around the corner. So, I wanted to share some of my fashions highs for this Spring 2018.  Again, I always come from a place of affordability. Everyone has their spending do’s and dont’s.  And, not everything featured will be of your personal taste. So, choose wisely. Be bold and sometimes yes, even invest in pieces that are timeless. 

 Investment piece

Ok, I will be the first to admit I love a great bargain. But, sometimes, when you go into a store something fabulous calls your name. Natasha, Natasha. Try me on! My sable collar cashmere wrap jacket with heavy tan belt was that piece. At first, I hated myself for desiring it. But, I looked at this wrap jacket as an investment piece. Yes, my investment piece. I can wear this as featured with liquid leggings and ankle boots for a casual look. Or, dressed up for a play and dinner.  Since, I only buy outerwear every 6 or 7 years it makes sense. This can be purchased at Cedar Lane furs in Teaneck, NJ. Price available at request. 

Pretty Pastels

I admit I have the dark color year round NYC illness. I love my black, greys, and browns. So, when I noticed all the pretty pastel colors flowing down the runway, I knew this is going to be the season to pack some of my dark clothes away and walk on the lighter side.  Lilac is a big trend this season in pants suits, dresses and accessories. I just found a mauve duster on ASOS site for $60 that I will snag immediately. It’s great a Spring piece for a warmer day out. And, it’s affordable. Wear it with jeans or a flirty floral dress which is another great Spring trend. 


This trend I adore for the Spring and Summer months. I carry a heavier bag during the winter so this smaller fashionable bamboo bag from Cult Gaia is a nice way to switch it up. It retails for about $120. But, style styles, there are exact look-alikes on Ebay and other sites for as little as $30. 

Be Bold

I know how important accessorizing can be. It can really make an outfit. After watching the movie Black Panther, I was impressed with the accessories just as much as the film. The necklaces were bold, large and architectually sculpted. I could take a little dress dress and Wakanda it. And, this can be done without looking like a costume. See below the fabulous necklaces I recently bought from one of my favorite designer discount stores, Fox’s. 

Now, this is a great way to add interest to what could be a boring outfit. It retails for less than $22.00.

Now, my style stars I will share with you my other great recent find. Since Fox’s carrys great accessories, I go weekly. I was drawn to this necklace as shown below from Sarah Magid. This necklace is in season and still available on the official website. It’s made of light weight brass metal, gold and hematite plating. It normally retails for nearly $400 if you go to the site. I was able to snag it for….Wait, wait. $59.00. Happy birthday to Me! 

So, my style star sisters. This season we can add a lighter  color combo by just adding a pastel top to a dark skirt or pant. You don’t have to look like an Easter bunny from head to toe. We can trade in our big utilitarian bags for a sculptured wicker bag that will carry us through the summer months. And, most important. We can be bold and fashionable with our accessories. I want all my style stars to please send me pics of your Spring fashion finds. How do you transition with your outerwear? What color will you rock? Or, what bold statement piece will you find? I look forward to seeing your looks. And, I will update you on other Spring finds. 

Your style star sister, 



     Beyond Fashion 


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Hadiza Kassim

Hello my Style Star Sisters. I think it is important to feature someone whose style goes beyond fashion. Hadiza Kassim is just that person to keep one’s eye on. She’s helping to change her native country of Ghana in major ways.

While most college students are consumed with courses, deadlines, and social activities, Hadiza Kassim, juggled the demands of a combined bachelor and masters program in occupational studies and a thriving fashion business.  In 2014, while a student at Ithaca college, Hadiza started her fashion brand, Sarauniya. I had the pleasure of speaking to this dynamic young woman to learn how all this came about. Well, let’s just say fashion was the catalyst for Hadiza’s true calling.

A Fashion Brand is Born

When a friend gifted Hadiza an African print bag, she immediately knew if she loved the bag then others would surely want this accessory too. So, the young entrepreneur decided without hesitation and fear to sell the bold and colorful bags. Hadiza wanted to get her bags made in Ghana and use local artisans to make certain the bags had an authentic African flair. And, what better way to pay homage to her Ghanaian roots and provide sustainability to Ghana through jobs. This was the beginning of Hadiza’s fashion brand, Sarauniya, which means Queen in Hausa, a language widely spoken in West Africa.

Ain’t no Stoppin Her 

Hadiza expanded Sarauniya to include a women’s clothing that embodied a contemporary and sophisticated vibe. She showcased vibrant colors and patterns to highlight the beauty in all women. She even showed her collection during Accra Fashion week in 2016. Take a look below at some of her designs.


Her true Calling

You would think her studies and fashion brand were enough to keep Hadiza busy. No, she had only just begun. As a child visiting Ghana often with her family, Hadiza knew she wanted to give back to her beloved country.  She saw the disparity of medical resources in undeserved areas of Ghana. During her senior year, Hadiza changed her major to gerontology with a concentration in occupational therapy. She would take this knowledge and focus on helping to improve the health and wellness for those in need.

 Fatima Initiative for Public Health   Reform

While speaking to this soft spoken entrepreneur, the term ‘woke’ immediately comes to mind. She saw a need for resources in Ghana and worked tirelessly to find solutions all while still completing her degree. Hadiza’s selflessness and determination are what led to her next venture. On April 8, 2017, The Fatima Initiative for Public Health Reform launched. Her goal was to bring preventative care, community medicine, and education to those areas in Ghana that have the greatest disparity.

How Sarauniya Helps 

Hadiza uses a percentage of her profits from Sarauniya to help FIPHR with various out reach programs.  On Oct. 14, 2017, FIPHR , she launches their first free clinical screening in the Nima township. Hundreds came from far thanks to the help of local mosques, advertisements and radio. Hadiza was fortunate to work with two local hospitals, Lekma hospital and Greater Accra regional. The medical personnel offered HIV testing and STD testing, blood pressure, malaria and others. See the pics of this event below.


This is just the beginning for Hadiza Kassim’s mission to bring health resources to a country she loves. As the saying goes, it takes a village, and we can support the mission of this determined young woman. Please check each site to learn more.



And, remember my Style Star Sisters, style can transcend fashion. Stay woke!

Your Style Star Sister,


Trends Go Buy Bye


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Hello my style star sisters. I must admit we all get sucked into designers forecast about style trends. We all want to look chic and fashionable. Yet, some trends need to go away or left on the racks in our local mall.   But, we buy them anyway promising ourselves that one day we will wear it. Guilty!   

Today, I want to share my thoughts on what latest makeup trend or clothing fads to ditch this fall. Trust me I own a few of these trendy terribles but as a card player says you got to know when to fold em, know when to walk away. 




Honestly, I don’t know why anyone would want their eyebrows to look like a circus clown. This is silly and not attractive. Please leave this so-called called makeup trend to the clowns.


Ok, I admit there is something sexy about a silky two-piece pajama set. Nice bold color or print. But, do I want to look like I just jumped out of bed ?  Oh and what about the grease stain from the slice of pizza you had at midnight or was it the glass of wine. Anyway, I think some designers are soo wrong about this trend. 


It still looks silly even on a 5’10 tall model. I vote to keep this in the boudoir. What are your thoughts? Should you risk riding the iron horse in your pjs?


I admit I think there’s something sexy about a pair of holey or slashed pair of jeans and heels. This shows a stylish I don’t give a damn vibe. However, I think the holey tops should be left to our Saturday cleaning. 

Nah, sorry I still think you can be casual and well out together as shown below. A nice jacket will always make a casual outfit like jeans and basic tee pop. 

Bell Sleeves  

There’s nothing I love more than dramatic pieces that are bold and inspiring. And, sleeves over the years have gone through many fabulous changes. I’m still a die hard fan of doman sleeves. After seeing Diana Ross in Mahogany, I became obsessed with the look. But, I ain’t got love for bell sleeves. This look may be feminine but honestly I don’t want to look like a flamenco dancer. 

I love the newer sleeve options like the cold shoulder or one sleeve trend (as shown below) is a good alternative to add the sexy. So, remember my style stars don’t go broke spending your hard earned money on impulse purchases. Buy smart and know when to say bye to a look.

Your style star sister,


Focus on Fall


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Hi style star sisters. Im baccck! There’s soo much going on here and worldwide that it’s good to sometimes escape and put the focus elsewhere like your fall clothing transition. Those cool morning breezes and strong winds may be the remnants of the horrific hurricane patterns throughout the country. I think it’s fall telling us to retire our flip flops and cold shoulder tops. Well, put the the flip flops away for next season because there are some great looks to look forward to.


This look is not new but it’s has been updated from the military green bomber jacket we’re familiar with. Now ladies we have bold feminine patterns and silky textures. Take a look below at some of the bomber trends.

This is a mid price sexy off the shoulder bomber jacket from BCBG I found on line for over $100. Love the bold pattern.

MSM4J788_U44Of course,  as a style star who loves a good deal, I found many other cute bombers at other stores like JCP for under $50.00.6877020DP0503201700225174M


Well, style stars, most designers have fallen back in love with the color red. I must admit you have to really commit fully to this color if you plan to wear a full on red assemble like shown below from Fendi. I love the fitted coat and sleek boots.

Fendi show, Runway, Autumn Winter 2017, Milan Fashion Week, Italy - 23 Feb 2017

Another gorgeous I want it right now red explosion from Fendi. 3ffb53cea5f02405e818c500482e9f60--red-fashion-fashion-check


If you are bold enough for head to toe red looks as shown above . This is how you do it. Flawless!

For those of us who do not spend our days trotting down runways in complete red looks, I suggest adding a pop of red with a great bag or shoes.

These two bags are great for work days since they can fit many items.

I love these Steve Madden shoes that are a dead ringer for the pricey Altuzarra shoe. The red stretchy boot from Madden is a great look for pants and dresses.  Looking good does not have to break your budget. Both looks can be found for less than $130.00.


Ok I admit, I love the colored faux fur and sherlings many stores are carrying now. Also, feathers and shimmy dresses are in season. I  have a cute shimmy dress I bought 2 years ago for a Halloween party. I wanted to embody Tina Turner. It’s good to know I will be able to wear this again. What do you think? FB_IMG_1506438734503

Here are a few looks for the fall season that will help you spark you inner Tina and glam goddess.

These feathered looks were featured looks for fall.

Calvin Klein fall 2017



Above featured ostrich skirt from Line & Dot found at Revolve for $70. This skirt will have you doing a shimmy all night long. This cute purse or bottie can add a flirty sexy vibe to any outfit. The purse is from International Concepts for $25.

So, my style star sisters,  I hope this fall you find your inner glam goddess. Make the looks your own by trying one of the hot looks featured. See you all on the concrete runway!

Your style sister,


I Woke Up Like This..(really)


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Greetings Style Stars…

Whew… I know it’s been a while.  I’ve been swamped with so many commitments. But apparently I’m not the only one who has been busy. It seems you all are so busy you don’t have the time to put on a face. What! Yes “beating” your face was a girl’s morning ritual. You wake up, glam up,  jump into something fabulous and go. Now it appears make up – is one and done..done..done. .  We  keep it on– from permanent lashes to now semi permanent eyebrows.

It’s all the rage: Eyebrow MicroBlading. What? Well it’s tattooing using tiny needles to replicate eyebrow hairs.


It is different than the permanent make up we’ve heard about, because micro blading  is placed in short strokes to mimic hair.



Also micro blading is not permanent.  Reports are it lasts about a year, year and half- some say three years.  It does require touch ups of course.  Ok- so I know you are thinking if it’s painful. Feedback is- it  feels someone is scratching your eyebrows.. so doesn’t hurt. Numbing cream is applied to squash that. The brows are thicker and darker at the start so don’t freak- they fade.

Celebrities love it.. seems they may be the only ones who can afford it. MicroBlading  ain’t cheap. Get ready to shell out- on average  $700 for the initial application and one month follow up. But pow- the results are  gorgeous! Check out the pics .


This goes without saying- please find someone who knows what in the heck they are doing. Eyebrows are vital to your face.. and remember  it is semi-PERMANENT.

We pluck them, thread them, tweeze them, shave them,  pencil them in– now we can  “tat em in” one by one.

Ok you got the brows.. now get the lips. Seriously this is peal off lip color.-stays on your lips. Downside though, some are reporting it makes lips a lil dry.  Who needs that in the dead of winter.


Now  Style Stars when you open your eyes- you are half way there. Yeah baby, I woke up like this for real.