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Hi StyleStars! Want to have some fun? I went on a search,  looking back on all the times Kate made me smile. I rummaged for as many of her whimsical handbags as I could find on line.

Before I reveal, can I just say I want this Bixby bag. I love the color, the shape, everything.

Kate Spade Bixby Bag .jpeg

Now- look at this fanciful display of designs from her creative mind.

car with luggage.jpeg

Kate always made us think we should go somewhere. This bag packed and ready to hit the road.

If that bug is too small.. let’s jump into a pink Cadillac. The plates say it all “off we go”.

Pink car off we go


Let’s not forget the camera. Life requires we remember the good times.

Camera Bag

So many sights to see and experience. I will tell you all about it.. in a typed written note of course.

Be Mine Typewriter bag

Enjoy even the small moments.  The tweet of a bird sounds so sweet.

Bird Cage

Eat, drink, celebrate.  I will take the large lobster please.



Fruit for dessert to eat and to go!


Everyone looks beautiful-carrying a colorful bag.

Miss Piggy

Which is why we loved Kate Spade.

I love k spade ny.jpeg


I  will miss the fun she put into carrying a purse. I certainly hope those were her best times too.

Kate herself.jpeg


Ciao StyleStars!