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Oh Style Sisters what to wear?. I’m sure you’ve noticed dresses are the rage. And I have invested in a few. So let me grab one and get to work.. but wait what have we here. In the back of my closet I see a royal blue suede shift dress peeking out at me. Now here is a little background- I’ve had this dress for years. And no I do not subscribe to the two year rule (if you haven’t worn it in two years toss it or donate it ). In fact I haven’t worn this dress in many years. It was always too big, but it was suede and I didn’t want to part with it. So in the back of my closet it stayed until one day last week. I grabbed it. It was perfect to wear to work.
Blue Suede Dress1

Oh I anchor the news so I don’t know if you saw it and maybe said to yourself – nice dress. Well I got it by shopping… in my closet. I’m rocking it here at the anchor desk. Vanessa
Blue Suede Dress 2