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My niece Margo found the perfect prom dress! She and her boyfriend  AJ were fabulous! They discussed colors ahead of time and decided a Red/White theme would be the right combination. Check them out. So cute.


 Margo and AJ planned for months. She shopped for the perfect dress.  It was a magical night. But for some girls Prom night has been a night to forget instead of a night to remember. I have to be honest  Style Stars,  it has been a while since I had to think about prom dressing, but I’ve noticed this past season prom dressing has been full of controversy and making headlines.

  Have you heard about the teen from Washington state.  Brittany Minder was banned from her prom. Why?


Well Brittany is well endowed and school officials felt her dress was too low cut revealing too much clevage. Not just Washington, two teens in Cleveland Ohio were also not let inside the party hall- same reason too much boobage. (By the way, Brittany eventually put on a wrap and stayed covered up on her big night).  And in New Jersey there was a ban on strapless dresses at a school dance. School officials cited the fear of wardrobe malfunctions as the reason.  A couple of parents even sued, but a judge sided with the school district: Dresses must have at least one strap.  A ruling that upset parents  especially those who already purchased strapless dresses for their daughters. Prom dresses are not cheap.  Some Style Stars spend hundreds of dollars on a prom dress.  Of course I would find a bargain! But Style Stars need to worry about more than money when it comes to prom fashion.