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cobalt blue leather dress

cobalt blue leather dress

Well, much to my surprise, I woke up the other morning and it was 53 degrees outside. Fall had knocked on my door and I was not prepared to answer. Luckily, I still have time to transition from summer looks to the fabulous Fall finds I see in various magazines. I will go over some of my favorite Fall trends for 2013 that I feel are worth searching for. Remember style sisters, fashionable does mean max out your credit cards. So, shop with caution because trends do come and go.

Cobalt Blues
For years I have gotten caught up with the dark colors once the season changed. It's so refreshing to know that color is here for Fall and cobalt blue is a must. While searching on line for new stylish finds, I found the perfect dress that can be worn during many seasons. It includes two hot Fall trends. It's a cobalt blue leather dress. Genuine leather runs down the center and back. Gorgeous!  

The best part is I paid under $100 for a real leather dress. The designer is AQUA and it’s not available any longer, but this brand has many affordable leather and faux leather must haves. The main thing to remember is color is the key this Fall. Cobalt blues, navy, and jade are great options to pull yourself away from an all black ensemble.

Boot trends
Designers have really given us many different options for footwear. And, I’m so glad. Platforms are still here, but they’ve taken a step back to this seasons stacked heel boots. The heels are thicker and appears more durable for the urban stylish walker. You can find stacked heels boots on the Ann Taylor and Zara website. Affordable and fashionable.

Stacked heel boots

Stacked heel boots


Pink and grey
This is truly one of my favorite color combinations. And, it’s the other color must have for the season. A pink coat with grey leather boots or heels will add sophistication and femininity to any outfit. I will certainly wear this Fall trend with a smile. Well, style stars, I really could go on and on. But, I just wanted to give you a few of my favorite fall trends. So, shop, save, and be savvy! on_0376-450x675

Your style sister,