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Hey Style Stars! This is a fashion fantasy about two besties who have this dream. Cameras are clicking.. It is New York Fashion Week. Photograhers are yelling over here.. over here… and snap!.. this picture appears in Vogue under the heading “The Newest Hottest Designing Duo”.

Tempestt and Blair
Designers Tempestt and Blair of Lola&Clarke

Meet Tempestt Ware and Blair DeLorge. And although they are not the featured designers at Fashion Week yet, they will be. They have been preparing for their close up for years behind the sewing machine and deep under the books. They met at Virginia State, where Blair got her bachelor degree in Textiles and Apparel. Tempestt changed colleges and got her bachelor’s at Virginia Commonwealth University in Fashion Merchandising.
Then Blair went on to get her MBA and Tempestt is pursuing her MA in Fashion Journalism and Editorial Imagery. I said all that to say they really know what’s up and they got their business thing together.

But Style Stars all that talk unravels like a loose thread on a cheap garment if their designs are not to die for – so are you ready?

DCF 1.0

Bam! Tempestt and Blair have decided to call their fashion line Lola&Clarke. Cool right. Well as Blair tells me the name brings a ying and yang just like them and like the women they design for in creating their line. Take their tailored jacket matched with their faux leather shorts- It is dead fly.

DCF 1.0

You can see their fashion philosophy. The seriousness of the jacket along with the playful femininity of the hot as hell faux leather shorts.

Oh the ideas they have are crazy. Their thing is beautifully crafted clothes at an affordable price. And if there is anything we Style Stars love is getting nice quality pieces on a budget. Blair says there is no one filling that space. Either the nice things are so expensive and the inexpensive pieces so– well you know.

So that is why they are on a mission. They want to raise money- and bring to the world what it has been missing. They are raising cash for the inaugural line and trying to meet a November 17th deadline. Check out their video link below.. And Style Stars soon we will be rocking Lola&Clarke.

DCF 1.0