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49 Year old L’Wren Scott found dead of apparent suicide in her Manhattan Apartment

  Sad news StyleStars when genius dies. Ok L’Wrenn Scott  designs were primarily window shopping for me. Super expensive. Averaging $2,500, but you could get a few pieces for maybe a little more than a grand on sale.

 Her amazing lady like dresses tailor made for the stars. Red Carpet ready.  Perfect bodies, perfect dresses.. but perfect lives???
Stars in L'wren Scott desses

stars in L'Wren Scott dresses

  Apparently not. Since reports are the hot designer destined for even more greatness (She even dressed our elegent first lady Michelle Obama) was not happy in the end.


  She was a towering figure. The former model was more than 6 feet tall-  Dwarfing her famous long time boyfriend Mick Jagger. But as we all know pain is pain, no matter how well dressed it is.  And my StyleSister Natasha and I, just wanted to mourn a life and show you the incredible dresses that came from the imagination of a mind  and a spirit who didn’t believe things would get better if she would just hold on one more day.

   Below are the dresses she created… just Fabulous.



L’Wrenn Scott – Floral Print – Stretch silk $2,900




L’Wren Scott Bento Box Lacquer $2,147



L’Wren Scott Dress in Sapphire $2,250

L'WREN SCOTT Lace/Leather Dress in Black

L’Wren Scott Leather/Lace  Dress $3,399


L’Wren Scott Bead- Embellished Crepe Dress $2,395


L’Wren Scott Snake Jacquard Sleeveless Dress $1,592