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It’s been a long time since I’ve shared some of the products or fashion finds that I’m excited about. Well, today, I’m taking a slight detour from fashion to focus on skin products. I feel the maintenance of your skin is more important than any outfit. Now, these products I just didn’t glance at on a store shelf or in a magazine. I actually used all these items for several months. I must say I am quite pleased with the results. My skin looks brighter, softer and less fatigued. And to top it off, all these products are extremely affordable and located right at a CVS near you or online. So, here’s my Skintastic Finds list.

1. Hansderma SkinCool Ice Roller-This product is kept in your freezer. I use it for facial puffiness, tired muscles, and after waxing treatments. It’s perfect for after my biweekly lip wax. Very soothing and helps to revive a tired face in the am. This item is about $30.00 and found online.


2. Salma Hayek Nuance products-Cucumber and Rosewater Dual Phase Makeup Remover. Great! . This gently removes makeup while moisturizing your face. I use a cotton pad and swipe away all the day’s makeup and dirt. This is a Must! And, for less than $10.00. I loved the remover so much I tried another product from the same line.


3.  Salma Hayek’s Moisturizing Day Cream- This day cream I use every morning after I tone my skin. My skin looks good even without makeup. I love it because it’s gentle, not oily and has SPF 30 too. So, you have a daily moisturizer and SPF protection for under $20.00. All of Salma Hayek’s products are found at CVS.


And, my last favorite find.


4. MUA Retractable lip brush- Ok, I have to confess. I’m that woman that hates to give up a great lipstick color even when the stick gets low in the tube. I hate to waste anything. And, we know cosmetics can add up. So, instead of digging in my tube with whatever,  I found a good solution. Mua’s retractable lip brush is good for defining lips and using the last drop of your favorite lip color. You have to get this. Also, available at CVS  for less than $10.00. So, there you have it. I hope you try all or at least one of the products.

Your Style Star Sister,