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Greetings Style Stars…

Whew… I know it’s been a while.  I’ve been swamped with so many commitments. But apparently I’m not the only one who has been busy. It seems you all are so busy you don’t have the time to put on a face. What! Yes “beating” your face was a girl’s morning ritual. You wake up, glam up,  jump into something fabulous and go. Now it appears make up – is one and done..done..done. .  We  keep it on– from permanent lashes to now semi permanent eyebrows.

It’s all the rage: Eyebrow MicroBlading. What? Well it’s tattooing using tiny needles to replicate eyebrow hairs.


It is different than the permanent make up we’ve heard about, because micro blading  is placed in short strokes to mimic hair.



Also micro blading is not permanent.  Reports are it lasts about a year, year and half- some say three years.  It does require touch ups of course.  Ok- so I know you are thinking if it’s painful. Feedback is- it  feels someone is scratching your eyebrows.. so doesn’t hurt. Numbing cream is applied to squash that. The brows are thicker and darker at the start so don’t freak- they fade.

Celebrities love it.. seems they may be the only ones who can afford it. MicroBlading  ain’t cheap. Get ready to shell out- on average  $700 for the initial application and one month follow up. But pow- the results are  gorgeous! Check out the pics .


This goes without saying- please find someone who knows what in the heck they are doing. Eyebrows are vital to your face.. and remember  it is semi-PERMANENT.

We pluck them, thread them, tweeze them, shave them,  pencil them in– now we can  “tat em in” one by one.

Ok you got the brows.. now get the lips. Seriously this is peal off lip color.-stays on your lips. Downside though, some are reporting it makes lips a lil dry.  Who needs that in the dead of winter.


Now  Style Stars when you open your eyes- you are half way there. Yeah baby, I woke up like this for real.