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Nina Ricci floral ankle booties

Nina Ricci floral ankle booties

Bucco Capensis ankle booties ...

Bucco Capensis ankle booties …

Hello my Style Stars…I love fashion just like alot of women out there, but I refuse to go broke trying to follow some of the trends that are here today and gone tommorow. I fell in love with the floral ankle booties this season, but I didn’t love the various high prices. So, what’s a Style Star to do! Start searching for affordable and fashionable looks without ridiculous high prices.

My first find were the Jimmy Choo Bolt Painted Python Peep-Toe Bootie…On the Saks website, this retails for $1,895…Um, mortgage or ankle bootie. I know better Style Stars! Keep looking!…

Well, my favorite designer discount store had a blow out sale. Daffys was my favorite store to find great affordable unique items without the high cost. Weeks before I noticed the most stylish delicate floral printed booties in cream with a spiral high heel. The boots were Nina Ricci and I had no idea how much they retailed for until I went searching. The boots were $1250. At Daffys, they were a little over $300. Nah, still too high. I waited until the very last 2 weeks before Daffys closed. I know risky, but I just hoped no one else loved the boots as much as I did. Sure enough, the fashion gods were on my side. There was only one pair in the entire store and I was able to snag them for a little under $100. Yes! I had a great pair of designer boots, and I saved a bundle.

I was not done with my floral bootie search. Two pairs are better than one. And, these floral high heel ankle booties by Bucco Capensis were less than $30 ! Yes, that’s right!. I’m done now. On to the next fashion find.

Your Style Sister