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Ok I really wanted it.. I saw those shorty cutey flair flirty leather skirts in a magazine and I had to have one. So I searched and found it!
Real Leather skirt $545 Nordstrom
It’s a little pricey at Nordstroms. Well let’s be honest it is very pricey at $545. So I searched some more and viola!
Real Leather skirt $428 Guess by Marciano
This one is less $428 by Guess. Still too much. You know I don’t have to have a “real” leather one. I could rock a “faux” flirty fun skirt.
faux lether skirt $59
Bingo! This one is $59. But still I’m not satisfied. I’m watching every dime. And I just know my cheap stores would come up with the economy version.. and guess what?
BAM! HERE IT IS: My flirty faux leather skirt
OH and did you check the price!!!My faux leather skirt $16.99 price tag cu
Yes that is $16.99 17 bucks! Same look, same design. I got it at Joyce Leslie. The super cheap -super trendy store- catering to the super young clientel.
Now what would ‘a woman of certain age’ do with a $17 skirt?- Why pair it up with a Christian Dior jacket and wear it to a luncheon at The legendary Plaza hotel. And NO one was the wiser. Vanessa Ciao
Lunch at The Plaza in faux leather