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Hello my Style Star Sisters. We have to catch up. I took a leisurely stroll this past brisk Sunday. I was filled with the excitement of Spring being soo close. I could vision all the yummy vibrate colors, bags, shoes and accessories I saw gilding down the runways during NYFW. But then, something happened. A Spring snowstorm hit and all my dreams soon faded. But, we all know the good weather is right around the corner. So, I wanted to share some of my fashions highs for this Spring 2018.  Again, I always come from a place of affordability. Everyone has their spending do’s and dont’s.  And, not everything featured will be of your personal taste. So, choose wisely. Be bold and sometimes yes, even invest in pieces that are timeless. 

 Investment piece

Ok, I will be the first to admit I love a great bargain. But, sometimes, when you go into a store something fabulous calls your name. Natasha, Natasha. Try me on! My sable collar cashmere wrap jacket with heavy tan belt was that piece. At first, I hated myself for desiring it. But, I looked at this wrap jacket as an investment piece. Yes, my investment piece. I can wear this as featured with liquid leggings and ankle boots for a casual look. Or, dressed up for a play and dinner.  Since, I only buy outerwear every 6 or 7 years it makes sense. This can be purchased at Cedar Lane furs in Teaneck, NJ. Price available at request. 

Pretty Pastels

I admit I have the dark color year round NYC illness. I love my black, greys, and browns. So, when I noticed all the pretty pastel colors flowing down the runway, I knew this is going to be the season to pack some of my dark clothes away and walk on the lighter side.  Lilac is a big trend this season in pants suits, dresses and accessories. I just found a mauve duster on ASOS site for $60 that I will snag immediately. It’s great a Spring piece for a warmer day out. And, it’s affordable. Wear it with jeans or a flirty floral dress which is another great Spring trend. 


This trend I adore for the Spring and Summer months. I carry a heavier bag during the winter so this smaller fashionable bamboo bag from Cult Gaia is a nice way to switch it up. It retails for about $120. But, style styles, there are exact look-alikes on Ebay and other sites for as little as $30. 

Be Bold

I know how important accessorizing can be. It can really make an outfit. After watching the movie Black Panther, I was impressed with the accessories just as much as the film. The necklaces were bold, large and architectually sculpted. I could take a little dress dress and Wakanda it. And, this can be done without looking like a costume. See below the fabulous necklaces I recently bought from one of my favorite designer discount stores, Fox’s. 

Now, this is a great way to add interest to what could be a boring outfit. It retails for less than $22.00.

Now, my style stars I will share with you my other great recent find. Since Fox’s carrys great accessories, I go weekly. I was drawn to this necklace as shown below from Sarah Magid. This necklace is in season and still available on the official website. It’s made of light weight brass metal, gold and hematite plating. It normally retails for nearly $400 if you go to the site. I was able to snag it for….Wait, wait. $59.00. Happy birthday to Me! 

So, my style star sisters. This season we can add a lighter  color combo by just adding a pastel top to a dark skirt or pant. You don’t have to look like an Easter bunny from head to toe. We can trade in our big utilitarian bags for a sculptured wicker bag that will carry us through the summer months. And, most important. We can be bold and fashionable with our accessories. I want all my style stars to please send me pics of your Spring fashion finds. How do you transition with your outerwear? What color will you rock? Or, what bold statement piece will you find? I look forward to seeing your looks. And, I will update you on other Spring finds. 

Your style star sister,