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Hello my style star sisters. I must admit we all get sucked into designers forecast about style trends. We all want to look chic and fashionable. Yet, some trends need to go away or left on the racks in our local mall.   But, we buy them anyway promising ourselves that one day we will wear it. Guilty!   

Today, I want to share my thoughts on what latest makeup trend or clothing fads to ditch this fall. Trust me I own a few of these trendy terribles but as a card player says you got to know when to fold em, know when to walk away. 




Honestly, I don’t know why anyone would want their eyebrows to look like a circus clown. This is silly and not attractive. Please leave this so-called called makeup trend to the clowns.


Ok, I admit there is something sexy about a silky two-piece pajama set. Nice bold color or print. But, do I want to look like I just jumped out of bed ?  Oh and what about the grease stain from the slice of pizza you had at midnight or was it the glass of wine. Anyway, I think some designers are soo wrong about this trend. 


It still looks silly even on a 5’10 tall model. I vote to keep this in the boudoir. What are your thoughts? Should you risk riding the iron horse in your pjs?


I admit I think there’s something sexy about a pair of holey or slashed pair of jeans and heels. This shows a stylish I don’t give a damn vibe. However, I think the holey tops should be left to our Saturday cleaning. 

Nah, sorry I still think you can be casual and well out together as shown below. A nice jacket will always make a casual outfit like jeans and basic tee pop. 

Bell Sleeves  

There’s nothing I love more than dramatic pieces that are bold and inspiring. And, sleeves over the years have gone through many fabulous changes. I’m still a die hard fan of doman sleeves. After seeing Diana Ross in Mahogany, I became obsessed with the look. But, I ain’t got love for bell sleeves. This look may be feminine but honestly I don’t want to look like a flamenco dancer. 

I love the newer sleeve options like the cold shoulder or one sleeve trend (as shown below) is a good alternative to add the sexy. So, remember my style stars don’t go broke spending your hard earned money on impulse purchases. Buy smart and know when to say bye to a look.

Your style star sister,